Hook Up and Hook Off – Guys, Girls and Casual Liaisons

Hook Up and Hook Off – Guys, Girls and Casual Liaisons

We’ve dreamed of being the princess, rescued by a knight
Who pulls about his sword and kills the dragon in a fight
Swept up off our feet, and be cherished our whole life
To live together in a castle as a husband and a wife …

We’ve had nights we’ve wasted drunk, had non-committal sex
Signed up to online dating sites, chosen who’d be next

Played the swipe right hookup game, how does that really feel?
Well, in our culture, big on drinking, hookups aren’t the biggest deal
They’re spontaneous, yet scripted, events that roll about
And in a society more permissive, yes, it’s harder to opt out

So pass the glass around, fill it up to overflow
Got to drown the fact I’m with a guy I do not know
Perhaps it will amount to something but it’s probably just a fling
Still I’ll keep my phone close by, though I’m doubtful it will ring

Why care for someone anyway, whose name I don’t recall
It was just one night wonder, I shouldn’t care at all?

So shoot your arrows elsewhere, Cupid, I’m trying to have fun
Monogamy’s archaic; it was for my dad and mum
Doesn’t everybody play this game? Most people will agree
It’s imperative to participate, aren’t I liberated? Free?

We’ve dreamed to have a woman, the best-looking girl in town
Who speaks sweet words and nurtures us, when we’re feeling down
Who irons our clothes, satisfies our desires, and keeps us all well fed
She’ll be mine, I’ll be hers, and one day we may wed …

I’m having an incredible time; I’m rising to new heights
Indulging in desirous and instant carnal delights,
No commitment, low risk and no investment cost
An extra notch onto my belt, this game cannot be lost!

Aloofness shows my manhood, tenderness is deplored
And after I can fist pump all my buddies ‘cause I scored
She was desirable to other men and yet I got the kill
Just embrace the primal demands, embrace the fleeting thrill

Why keep a cow at home? Milk’s accessible everywhere
I’ll keep on swiping right; ‘cause lust is in the air!
I’m too young for serious relationships, don’t speak of days of yore
Or get back in your DeLorean, go back to ’64

What else is there to do? Sex is often on my mind
May as well then act on it; it’s the best way to unwind
We both make sure we both agree, it’s all set in the sand
That neither expects anything more than just a one night stand

LIBERATION : How women try to be more like men…

We believe no strings attached, yet we’re pulled from here to there
Moving through the motions, with our heart in disrepair

We are told that we are free, that we call all the shots
So we live life unrestricted with our emotions tied in knots
Yes, we think that we are free, while our self-respect gets crushed
Still, we pass ourselves around under the influence of lust

Liberation? Freedom? The view seems so contorted
Are we more liberated than the resultant baby being aborted?
We’re not shackled by commandments, repressed by moral code
Yet our despair tells how we’re reaping all the fruits that we have sowed

In the impassioned hookup realm, the cons outweigh the pros
The wounds outweigh the benefits, the highs precede the lows
We yearn for love, security, we yearn yet all in vain
We fall in like, but not in love, what is it that we gain?

MASCULINITY : What men do to be seen as men …

It’s a feat of social engineering, that’s convinced us all we’re free
While hostages of unchecked lust, spurred on a hunting spree
Though we do desire deeply for an emotional connection
We’d be berated to admit it, in fear of societal rejection

Our mates would think we’re weak, as would the girls that we pursue
Being immersed in the physical – a much easier avenue
It’s detached and it’s convenient, it’s emotionally free
Not confined to a relationship, the more masculine way to be

I’ll strive to prove my manliness, and also my self worth
And stave away the loneliness and fear that on this earth
I don’t amount to much at all, like minute drops of sand
Within a vast expansive universe; yet on the other hand …

After all the bed sheets have strewn about, the fact remains to be
We still feel cut short hooking up, we still feel so lonely

Thus unfulfilled and unappeased, we devise a ‘fixing brew’
And social capital we attempt to convert our hook up to
By announcing our transient exploits from the night before
We convince ourselves we’ve gained, though we’re disabled to the core

As eventually down the line we realise (and psychologists confirm)
The adverse effect fleeting romances bring, when attempting one long term …

The taste that we are yearning when we engage in these relations
Isn’t found in our physical conquests or carnal temptations
First one must know the true self is beyond this human flesh
We’re the soul inside a body, which is nothing but a dress

So any quest for pleasure based on bodily gratification
Is sure to leave us frustrated as our identity’s been mistaken
For the pleasure we are pursuing is misdirected and misapplied
If all that we do is based on the body, with no thought of the soul inside.

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