Monday, December 18 2017

Age of Intolerance – The ability to tolerate is the measure of true greatness

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Ask Me No Questions, I Tell You No Lies

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Being Human, Bang for Your Buck

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Hot Nukes Sweet Nukes

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School Of Life

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Seeing Is Believing

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Ever heard a hothead yell cuss words at a bad driver? Is your amped-up evangelist a target for the middle finger? Or maybe you were brown-eyed by bare buttocks while strolling the beach? Whatever the provocation, you probably cannot count the number of times you had to exercise a little tolerance in your life. What …

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We often hear the saying, “the older the wiser” or “old age brings realised knowledge,” but are greying hair, wrinkles, frown lines and wornout skin really the qualifications of wisdom? Everyday, things wear out. Computer software, food, clothes, smartphones, music, furniture, homes, and gardens – all become outdated after some time. It’s only natural that …

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Glowering hotly, the flight attendant’s professional demeanor turns to disgust. “I’m not speaking Russian! I’m speaking Ukrainian, the real language of my own country!” he angrily dismisses me. The passengers on this flight to Kiev are mostly Ukrainian nationals, so it’s only natural that the flight attendant would greet me using his native tongue. Forgetting …

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It all started so innocently. In our final school year, we decided to gift a friend a pornographic DVD for his birthday. Visiting a shop in the oldest market in town, we secured the gift, a deluxe-quality product imported straight from palm-lined sunny southern California. This was urban India in the 1990s, when teenagers couldn’t …

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Have you ever asked, what’s the most amazing thing in the world? Is it the beauty of nature, a meaningful connection, Egyptian pyramids, or simply the miracle of life itself? Once, a great king was asked this very question. Closing his eyes in deep contemplation, the king responded: “The most amazing thing is that although …

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“If there’s one thing I know, it’s that no one knows. . . . I mean, really, . . . no one knows anything for certain. . . .” Allow me to try and convince you that a monstrous exasperation has swallowed up your life. Deep within, you are frustrated, disappointed with the major dramas, …

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Danakeli is a part time nurse and yoga teacher and shares her experience of what bhakti yoga means to her.

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Mantra meditation can be performed in a group (kirtan) or as a personal practice (japa). Gaura-arati introduces how to practice japa meditation using a mantra known as the maha mantra, which is the recommended mantra for this age. The yoga texts explain that all the potencies of every other mantra is contained in this maha …

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Our mind has so many thoughts, so many desires and as soon as we think of something we often think ‘I’ve gotta have it’. Gaura-arati touches on how meditation helps us to control the constant urges of the mind, thus allowing us to become more focused in our everyday lives.

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Devamrita Swami, a Yale graduate and world travelling monk, explains why he believes we need to establish a wisdom society, a society permeated with a spiritual culture, in order to solve humanities problems.

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The zombie issue is quite relevant today. Why? Just watch and you’ll find out we might not be so different to them as we first thought…

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Have you ever meditated with mantra? Mantras are different sound vibrations from the yoga science which contain potency for elevating our consciousness. Drop in for a kirtan meditation (with a bang!) and let us know what kirtan is for you.

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