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The Zone

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Have you heard of the zone? It’s a state of mind sometimes called “flow state.” Humans experience this state when they get really absorbed in an activity such as sports, music, art, computer programming, gaming, and so forth. It is the mad scientist’s state of mind when he is so absorbed in his invention that …

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Once a week, I volunteer to serve out food at “Krishna Food,” the karma-free food kiosk at Victoria University in Wellington. Last week, I saw a guy in red shoes walk up to our kiosk. Spontaneously I exclaimed, “Red shoes!” and he replied resignedly, “Yeah, yeah! Red shoes…I felt like buying red shoes, so I …

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“You offended me,” the young university student leaned into my face and charged. Sitting with students at the University of Melbourne, Australia’s premier tertiary institution, I had just finished a presentation: “Consciousness: Pleasure Beyond Time and Space.” Earlier, the same student had challenged me, during the questions following my lecture. Turning to face the audience, …

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Body Mind

The following excerpt is from a blog by a student who attended one of Devamrita Swami’s talks at Melbourne University. It raises a common objection to the existence of spiritual reality. “Reincarnation is a really common part of Vedic and Sramanic religions (Buddhism, Jainism, Sihkism, and Hinduism, which is broadly speaking the heading that ISKCON …

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Early morning sunrise down at the beach… Ahhhh, peace. This is what I left home for. To wake up each morning and have no idea what the day will bring and where I will be resting my head the next night. After all the stress of study and work and all the drama from my …

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Four years ago, when we moved to Otaki on the Kapiti coast, my husband started his organic veggie garden. Now, after the first year, 100 percent of the veggies we use are from our own backyard (and that’s a lot of veggies for a vegetarian family of three). Nothing tastes better than produce freshly picked …

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I want to share with you my favourite thing, something real. Usually, “meditation” sounds peaceful, low-key, and intriguingly mystical in aim; a personal-portable grounding tool, bringing resilience to the ups and downs; it’s the hope for a sparkle of tantalising insight from beyond the usual time-worn experiences. In practice, however, meditation may be a tad …

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Perform your duty equipoised, O Arjuna, abandoning all attachment to success or failure. Such equanimity is called yoga. – Bhagavad-gita 2.48 Yesterday I went to my weekly yoga class. At the end of the class, during the relaxation period, the instructor asked everyone to focus on their breathing. She added, “If thoughts come to your …

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