Attention Please!

Attention Please!

Nick. I think that was his name. Nope, it was Alan. We were both at Bhakti Lounge having dinner after an intense yoga session. He was telling me about his customer care job at a call centre and how he has to deal with angry and irritated customers all day. I admired his patience in being able to work such a job. I couldn’t stick to one like that for more than a week.

“Your girlfriend must be lucky to have someone patient like you!” I added.

Then he made an interesting disclosure. The secret of his successful relationship was not his patience, but his ability to tune out. So, a lot of the time, when she talks, he tunes out. Being a girl, that didn’t go down well with me. Tunes out? His poor girlfriend would be pouring her heart out to him thinking that she has all his attention, while the jerk has actually tuned out.

How disappointed I would be, if I were to find out that the person I am revealing my heart to was only putting up a great listening show! But then, why does it matter so much that someone be all ears for what I have to say? Why must I feel so disturbed when I don’t get the attention that I think I rightfully deserve?


But could I handle attention 24/7? Nope. I’d get bored of myself in fifteen minutes. What to speak of others. Perhaps that’s why famous people desperately seek time-outs. We all need to take our masks off. Can’t be at our best all the time.

Maybe that’s why I am always seeking to be enamoured and enchanted. Since I’m not entertaining enough for myself, better find something that fits the bill. But where is that someone (or something) awesome enough to permanently attract my attention?

Don’t tell me about Mr. Rich and Famous. They all get old and wrinkled down the line. Moreover, they all do the same boring things: buy a plane or yacht, get married and divorced 3+ times, and give fake smiles for the camera. I am not even sure if they find their own life exciting enough; why else would celebrity suicides be so common? And don’t tell me about Mr. Right. I don’t need any more psychological research and experience to be convinced about how men are from Mars and women are from Venus. Don’t tell me about the perfect job. They all become monotonous. Even the best boss and best team bail out when their own necks are on the line. Don’t tell me about life dreams. That’s only where they look good: in dreams. Boring in reality. I’m tired of trying my luck here and there and everywhere.

Since there have been no convincing answers, let me ask the question again. Is there someone (or something) awesome enough to permanently attract my attention?



The very name Krishna means that He attracts even Cupid. He is therefore attractive to everyone—male and female, moving and inert living beings. Indeed, Krishna is known as the all-attractive one. In the spiritual realm of Vrindavan, Krishna is the spiritual, ever-fresh Cupid. With His soft bluish black arms and legs, which resemble blue lotus flowers, He has created a festival for Cupid. His sweetness is so attractive that it steals away His own mind. Upon seeing His own reflection in a bejewelled pillar of His Dwaraka palace, Krishna desired to embrace it, saying, “Alas, I have never seen such a person before.”

(Caitanya-caritamrita, Madhya 8.138-39, 148-49.)

Wow. Could I look at a mirror and say, “I have never seen such a person before?” Maybe after an hour of plastering make up on. Not to mention how plastic I would look. Unlike me, Krishna doesn’t need touch-ups, colognes, or botox shots. Even with these artificial techniques of rejuvenation, I have a tough time attracting people. But not only does Krishna attract people, he also attracts Cupid, the one who gets the whole attraction game rolling.

Seems worth it to find out more about this Krishna!

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Munjaranya is pursuing her PhD in communication studies and holds master’s degrees in management (marketing) and communication studies, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering (electronics and telecommunications). She loves the simple things in life: conversations and laughter. Munjaranya enjoys singing and dancing her heart out in kirtans, her shelter for joy and peace.

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