Where is That Shop?

Where is That Shop?

Auckland, where the king of mavericks is the weather and Murphy’s Law applies quite well. When you carry an umbrella it won’t rain, and if it does rain, your umbrella will blow away. Thus I conclude, umbrellas aren’t worth it. So now when it rains while I’m walking to uni and back, I take the covered Queen Street route.

Walking on Queen Street is quite an experience. You see executives rush by in business suits, youngsters shrieking in groups, elderly couples holding hands trying to keep up with the surroundings, travellers with maps, people window shopping, and some just sitting on the street-side benches, figuring out what to do next.

The last time I was on Queen Street I observed people as they appraised items on sale: watches, clothing, jewellery, electronics, souvenirs, the works. I realised it’s possible to buy almost anything on this street. There are shops selling nearly everything under the sun, for a price of course. But for something you really want, the price doesn’t matter. Maybe I could find what I have been looking for too. There are so many things I need to buy; I haven’t shopped in a while. I should do this in an organised way. I need to make a list of what I need, and find the shop that gives me the best quality at the best price. First up on my list would be the motivation and determination to focus on my thesis, despite what my mind tells me. Next is something to control my greed and envy. I don’t think I can afford anything more than this. Oh wait! Time. That’s what I need to buy, that tops my list. If I can buy time, I can work everything else out gradually. Right. What shop do I go to? I already have a fancy watch. And there is the clock tower next to Aotea Square, right opposite my office window. Every hour the gong goes off, sounding like the death knell. Time is just passing by. And so am I along with it. One moment I am in my teens, then before I even realise it, I am graduating university, then working a job, then attending friends’ weddings. The prime of my youth has just whizzed by and I feel like a bystander. What do I need from my life? A fancy job? A fancy house? A great partner? Travel opportunities? Been there, done that, but I am not yet happy! What’s amiss?

I need to be able to control time so I can sort out my my life. Don’t talk to me about time management books and organisers, they don’t work, you get a few things done at the most, but your time has gone nonetheless.

Where is that shop that sells time? I am ready to put forth all my life savings to buy time. Where is that shop that sells time?

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Munjaranya is pursuing her PhD in communication studies and holds master’s degrees in management (marketing) and communication studies, and a bachelor’s degree in engineering (electronics and telecommunications). She loves the simple things in life: conversations and laughter. Munjaranya enjoys singing and dancing her heart out in kirtans, her shelter for joy and peace.

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