I won’t deny that I’m searching for happiness. I look for it everyday, and I’m sure you do too. But sometimes it feels like I’m desperately chasing a water mirage in the desert, only to find it advancing ahead of me at the exact speed I pursue it. Pausing for a moment, I might realise …

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Danakeli is a part time nurse and yoga teacher and shares her experience of what bhakti yoga means to her.

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Mantra meditation can be performed in a group (kirtan) or as a personal practice (japa). Gaura-arati introduces how to practice japa meditation using a mantra known as the maha mantra, which is the recommended mantra for this age. The yoga texts explain that all the potencies of every other mantra is contained in this maha …

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Our mind has so many thoughts, so many desires and as soon as we think of something we often think ‘I’ve gotta have it’. Gaura-arati touches on how meditation helps us to control the constant urges of the mind, thus allowing us to become more focused in our everyday lives.

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Devamrita Swami, a Yale graduate and world travelling monk, explains why he believes we need to establish a wisdom society, a society permeated with a spiritual culture, in order to solve humanities problems.

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I stumbled to the counter, slammed five dollars down and, half slurring, shouted, “Barbecue bacon!” There was an outburst of hysterics to my left, and I felt proud to be getting a laugh. Swaggering back to my table, to the cheers of my mates, I devoured the burger greedily. I was barely conscious. It had …

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The zombie issue is quite relevant today. Why? Just watch and you’ll find out we might not be so different to them as we first thought…

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Have you ever meditated with mantra? Mantras are different sound vibrations from the yoga science which contain potency for elevating our consciousness. Drop in for a kirtan meditation (with a bang!) and let us know what kirtan is for you.

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